IPON Research Network

United Kingdom

The Priestley Centre for Climate Futures of the University of Leeds and The University of Warwick are founder members of the network. Their interest in catalysing global research and social changes has driven its work to support Indigenous initiatives worldwide, especially in the Canadian Arctic, Uganda and the Peruvian Amazon. Currently, The University of Leeds provides the co-coordination of the network, and Professor James Ford is the Chair of IPON. Additionally, Professor Keith Hyams provides his expertise on ethical and justice approaches to engage with Indigenous communities.

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Team Members

James Ford

Professor James Ford


Priestley Centre for Climate Futures

United Kingdom

Prof James Ford is a Priestley Chair in Climate Adaptation at the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures, University of Leeds. James has led large multi-region grants partnering with Indigenous communities and decision-makers on the global north and south scales.

Keith Hyams

Professor Keith Hyams


University of Warwick

United Kingdom

Keith Hyams is a professor of Political theory and ethics and the University of Warwick, UK. Prof. Keith is interested in democratic design and the use of methods from philosophical ethics to contribute to research on technological, environmental, health, and social challenges.

Ingrid Edith Arotoma Rojas

Master Ingrid Edith Arotoma Rojas

Advocacy and Public Engagement Coordinator

University of Leeds

Peru, United Kingdom

PhD candidate Ingrid Arotoma is a Quechua researcher born in the Central Amazon rainforest of Peru. Ingrid's research has focused on understanding Indigenous Peoples' food system changes due to climate change and other drivers.