IPON Research Network

South Africa

South African partners have actively collaborated with the Xhosa Indigenous people in 3 communities since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Map of South Africa

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

Home gardens and livestock are important for susbsistence and cultural practices

Main climatic & environmental stresses

The Eastern Cape province has been suffering from drought since 2015

Main social stresses

Apartheid legacies of inequalitiy in relation to access to basic services (water, health, education), unempoyment

Key Collaborators

Team Members

Joana Carlos Bezerra

Dr. Joana Carlos Bezerra

International Coordinator

Rhodes University

South Africa, Argentina

Dr. Joana is a researcher and assistant Professor at Rhodes University. Joana has research experience in Brazil, Europe, and South Africa in community-based research projects in social environmental science, managing research projects at the local level with international impact.

Nosipho Nkwinti

Master Nosipho Nkwinti


Rhodes University

South Africa

Nosipho Nkwinti is a South African researcher with a commitment to community development practices that honor indigenous systems. Nosipho's background is rich in building and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships within indigenous communities.