IPON Research Network


Peruvian partners collaborate with the Shawi and the Ashaninka peoples in the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in 2 indigenous communities.

Map of Peru

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

Food is produced in small farms and backyards, and also getting from the forest, rivers and small creeks. There are governmental food support programs targeting children at schools and vulnerable households

Main climatic & environmental stresses

Increases in droughts and flooding, with extreme El Niño episodes affecting the time of planting crops

Main social stresses

High prevalence of anemia and stunting among Shawi children <5yrs and impactson mental health via loss of hunter identities

Key Collaborators

Team Members

Carol Zavaleta-Cortijo

Dr. Carol Zavaleta-Cortijo


Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

Peru, Bolivia

Carol is a Quechua Peruvian researcher. Her areas of specialty include Indigenous and Intercultural Health, Climate Change, and Food and Nutrition Security.

Ingrid Edith Arotoma Rojas

Master Ingrid Edith Arotoma Rojas

Advocacy and Public Engagement Coordinator

University of Leeds

Peru, United Kingdom

PhD candidate Ingrid Arotoma is a Quechua researcher born in the Central Amazon rainforest of Peru. Ingrid's research has focused on understanding Indigenous Peoples' food system changes due to climate change and other drivers.

Valeria Morales Ancajima

Bachelor Valeria Morales Ancajima

Website y Social Media Collaborator

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia


Bachelor of Science with a major in Nutrition. Research assistant in the Intercultural Citizenship and Indigenous Health Unit at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia with an interest in research in evaluating the diet from a culturally appropriate approach and promoting biodiversity.

Victoria Chicmana Zapata

Bachelor Victoria Chicmana Zapata

Local Research Coordinator

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia


Quechua sociologist based in Peru, researching about adaptation to climate change among Peruvian Indigenous peoples.



Ashaninka community observer in her farm. By Elida de la Cruz
Shawi woman in a benefit workshop. By Valeria Morales
Shawi participants and COVID Observatories facilitators in the benefit workshop. By Valeria Morales
Ashaninka women in a food sovereignty benefit workshop. By Ingrid Arotoma
Ashaninka participants reflecting on their their food system in a benefit workshop. By Ingrid Arotoma
OMIAASEC in the Covid-Observatories dissemination workshop. By Ingrid Arotoma.