IPON Research Network


Kyrgystan partners have joined IPON in 2023. They aim to collaborate with 24 Agropastoral mountainous herding communities.

Map of Kyrgyzstan

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

These communities are located at high elevation (>2500 m) relying on livestock products. Potatoes are the major if not the only crop product. Wheats and other vegatables are from low-elevation. Mulnutrition is a serious problem especially for children. Food insecurity is also an issue especially in winter.

Main climatic & environmental stresses

The highlands have short growing season, long cold season, and harsh climatic extremes, making high-elevation communities particularly vulnearable to environmental stressors. Climate change and increased herding activities lead to changes in land cover and use, landslides, and earthquakes.

Main social stresses

High elevation leads to chronic physiological stress and lower reproductive success. Due to food insecurity and poverty, households use labor migration as an adapative strategy. The massive children who are left behind create issues for child development.

Key Collaborators