IPON Research Network


Indian partners have actively collaborated with the Paniya, Kattunayakan, Kurichiya, Pahari Korwas , Paharias and Baiga Indigenous peoples in 3 communities since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Map of India

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

Communities who have been self-reliant for food using a combination of gathering uncultivated foods, hunting and gathering from the fallow lands and forests. Communities use the forest as a safety net and gather plants, honey, fish which supplements their food plate with diversity

Main climatic & environmental stresses

Pastoral grasslands are invaded with invasive species causing habitats to be degraded and as a result less pasture land for traditional communities.

Key Collaborators

Team Members

Anita Varghese

Dr. Anita Varghese

Principal Investigator

Keystone Foundation


Anita Varghese is Director at Keystone Foundation which works in the Nilgiris biosphere reserve and other regions of India. Anita leads the Biodiversity team at Keystone which undertakes research projects on Human-wildlife interactions, Apiculture, Ecological Restoration, Field Courses, and Climate Change.

Jyotsna Krishnakumar

Dr. Jyotsna Krishnakumar


Keystone Foundation


Dr. Jyotsna Krishnakumar is a Director at Keystone Foundation, where she manages multiple field implementation and research projects focusing on Indigenous well-being linked to traditional food systems, health, and wellness.

Bhavya George

Master Bhavya George


Keystone Foundation


MSc Bhavya George is a Climate change program coordinator at the Keystone Foundation, India as a Programme. Bhavya focuses on engaging with local and indigenous communities in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve on Climate change knowledge, impacts, and actions.