IPON Research Network


Ghanian partners have actively collaborated with the Dagaaba Indigenous people in 30 communities since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Map of Ghana

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

Rain-fed subsistence agriculture, pastoralism, hunting and gathering, freshwater fishing and dry season vegetable gardening.

Main climatic & environmental stresses

Changes in precipitation pattern, droughts, floods, excessive warming conditions, and emergence of new invasive species that destroy crops.

Main social stresses

Land tunure insecurity and patriachal and social norms that limit women's access to land.

Key Collaborators

Team Members

Dr. Adelina Mensah

Principal Investigator

University of Ghana


PhD Adelina Mensah is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies, University of Ghana. She has an interdisciplinary background in environmental sciences with a focus on ecosystems and the human dimensions that impact its management and sustainability.

Francis Awaafo Akugre

Master Francis Awaafo Akugre


University of Ghana


MSc Francis Awaafo Akugre is an early career researcher. Francis's research focuses on the climate change-food security and health nexus among indigenous societies in lower-middle-income countries, including vulnerable groups in society.