IPON Research Network


Canadian partners have joined IPON in 2023. They aim to collaborate with the Inuit people in 2 indigenous communities.

Map of Canada

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

Traditional foods are vital to Inuit food systems

Main climatic & environmental stresses

Accelerated warming conditions increased storms, changes in precipitation, and changes in ice formation, depth, and quality

Main social stresses

Consumption of retail foods has increased with a high cost associated with long shipping distance, and often poor nutritional content

Team Members

Sherilee Harper

Professor Sherilee Harper


University of Alberta


Sherilee Harper is a Canada Research Chair in Climate Change and Health, Kule Scholar, and Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. Prof. Sherilee researches the associations between weather, environment, and health equity in the context of climate change.

Kerrie Pickering

Dr. Kerrie Pickering


Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Brock University

Canada, Fiji

Dr. Kerrie Pickering is a Research Associate in the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre at Brock University. Kerries' research interests sit at the nexus of health, environmental sustainability, and food security.

Tristan Pearce

Dr. Tristan Pearce

Principal Investigator

University of Northern British Columbia


Dr. Tristan Pearce is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Chair of the Northern Studies Program, and the Canada Research Chair in the Cumulative Impacts of Environmental Change at the University of Northern British Columbia. He is internationally recognized for advancing Indigenous governance in research by pioneering an approach where Indigenous communities manage research funds and oversee research activities.