IPON Research Network


Argentinian partners have joined IPON in 2023. They aim to collaborate with the Mapuche people in 2 indigenous communities.

Map of Argentina

Country Context

Food System Characteristics

Traditional food passing through biocultural homogenization with and increase of non-communicable diseases

Main climatic & environmental stresses

In semi-arid Patagonia, Argentina, Mapuche communities are experiencing more frequent and severe droughts.

Main social stresses

Land-related conflicts with private and public owners.

Key Collaborators

Team Members

Joana Carlos Bezerra

Dr. Joana Carlos Bezerra

International Coordinator

Rhodes University

South Africa, Argentina

Dr. Joana is a researcher and assistant Professor at Rhodes University. Joana has research experience in Brazil, Europe, and South Africa in community-based research projects in social environmental science, managing research projects at the local level with international impact.